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ChaosVPN is 2 parts of Software - tinc as vpn daemon and chaosvpn as software to build the config for ChaosVPN


An unfinshed Howto for Debian systems is available at Debian - users of other systems need to adapt it likewise, more documentation will hopefully follow in the future.


we use tinc. There will be a tinc 2.0 version soon. The developer has his ideas about tinc 2.0 at http://tinc-vpn.org/goals/ and first code is at http://tinc-vpn.org/git/fides.

OpenWRT Packages

Blogic will build a special OpenWRT package, which is called chaosvpn at the moment, a recent tinc 1.0.13 is already available in the openwrt packages repository.

See also http://0x1.net/openwrt Packages may be in flux for awhile, if you have trouble with any of the binaries, email cjp.

Debian Packages

There is a long description how to install on a Debian System: ChaosVPN:DebianHowto

Haegar created (backported) tinc 1.0.13 packages for Debian. They are availible at:

Please note that the above packages may need further backported packages, all of them are available in other subdirectories on debian.sdinet.de.

Pre-Created ChaosVPN program packages, updated every now and then:


Full Setup Instructions: ChaosVPN:Fonera

Fonera 2.0n 2.3.5 firmware with chaosvpn 2.0 and tinc 1.0.13, tested. No clobber of configs using upgrade script.

Grab here: http://www.agoralink.org/20100417_FON2303_2.3.5.0_DEV.tgz

For the fonera 2.0n http://www.aculei.net/~mjoyce/chaosvpn/

Included are Packages for ChaosVPN, and TINC There are source code packages as well.

Packages go in /openwrt/packages/ Source goes in /openwrt/dl/

.config is a sample config for fonera2n. It is not minimalist in any way. Vyrus has a minimal config I will hunt down.

The chaosvpn version is not reflected in the name of the package... that is just there because I was too lazy to update the chaosvpn package for the current version.


helios maintains an AUR-package: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=33307


See ChaosVPN:GentooHowto


brew install https://raw.github.com/MrMarvin/homebrew/chaosvpn_added/Library/Formula/chaosvpn.rb


The source code repository is available at: http://github.com/ryd/chaosvpn

You can download the source with git

git clone git://github.com/ryd/chaosvpn.git