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ChaosVPN geekend 14 / 15 December

Location: dezentral.


Participating locations and users:


  • Hamburg
    • mc.fly
    • andre a t hamburg.freifunk.net


  • chaos siegen
    • lars fischer
  • voidwarranties antwerp
    • marut
    • A-KO / Hunterkll
    • openfly
    • ansi
      • VOIP

We plan to set up some video webcam and work on services, talks and more. Also clean up the wiki before 30c3.


  • openfly:
    • bringing back us proxy
  • chaostreff siegen
    • joining chaosvpn
  • Tim
    • monitoring
  • A-KO/Hunterkll
    • DNSSEC Implementation
      • Note: Already created for 'uas.hack', but no secure way to distribute uas.hack trust anchors. See: PGP Keys Server
      • Need secure way to distribute .hack trust anchors if .hack TLD is signed
    • PGP Keys Server based on SKS
    • Extra .hack root DNS servers
    • .Hack Certificate Authority
      • Signing Servers/Services located on .hack
  • tornow
    • a git server
    • a pastebin
    • collaborative editing, e.g: sobby or infinoted
    • woof, "Woof (Web Offer One File) is a tool to copy files among hosts"
    • ownbutt
    • scuttle or semantic scuttle (or similar services) for social bookmarking.
  • mediagoblin or a different way to share photos or videos (or music)
  • Peer hamburg.freifunk.net directly w/ ChaosVPN