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If you are running more than one node and you like that each of your nodes connect each other directly too for a better mesh, this is your HowTo.

Normally each node initial only connect to some of the main nodes of the ChaosVPN

 # check the main nodes:
 cat /etc/tinc/chaos/tinc.conf | grep ^ConnectTo

The tinc.conf is auto-generated, so you can not edit. But you can create your own additional config(s).

Make a conf.d directory in /etc/tinc/chaos and place your additional config(s) for your connections here. Example:

 # create directory
 mkdir /etc/tinc/chaos/conf.d
 # create a additional config to connect your second node directly too:
 echo "ConnectTo=MY-SECOND-NODE-NAME" > /etc/tinc/chaos/conf.d/a_usefull_name.conf

Make sure you are only use this for additional ConnectTo-Options. Other options may destroy your ChaosVPN connectivity.

On startup tincd will read the /etc/tinc/NETNAME/tinc.conf first and then include all *.conf files from /etc/tinc/NETNAME/conf.d/ too.

Repeat this on all your nodes and your own "sub-mesh" based an ChaosVPN will take place. Restart and check it after a some minutes on http://vpnhub1.hack/chaosvpn.svg