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Hacking Contests

Hacking contests have a long tradition in the hacker szene. We want to keep this tradition running.

Warzone will take place in a AgoraLink / Chaosvpn style vpn network.


Capture the Flag


further ideas


replay ctf

For training we could replay some ctfs. I know there are some ctf organizers on the list.

Replay CIPHER 5(lexi) Capture the Flag =

We can replay CIPHER 5 if you like. Please refer to the CIPHER website for more information about this CTF.

I have here both the vulnerable image and the testscripts and gameserver, so we're ready to go.

A word about how this CTF works: Each team gets a virtualbox image that will to be deployed to a specific IP. Flags will then be distributed to the daemons running on this virtualbox image and later retrieved. Capturing flags gets points. Details can be found on the CIPHER website.

Since we cannot do SNAT in Warzone, we'll instead reroute traffic from the gameserver to the player's machines through the use of a password protected SOCKS proxy that needs to be installed on every participant's machine.

Two scripts are recommend for participants, as they make the communication with the gameserver simpler: one for reporting flags, and one for reporting advisories.

google jarlsberg

run a local instance of google jarlsberg - http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Googles-Jarlsberg-Server-loechrig-wie-ein-norwegischer-Kaese-993481.html